Senior Health Services Researcher

Head of the unit for Health Services and Policy Research
Institute for Health Sciences IACS - IIS Aragon

13th San Juan Bosco, CIBA building
50009 Zaragoza , Spain

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• Medical Doctor, Public Health and Preventive Medicine

• Doctorate studies in Sociology, PhD grade in Medicine

• Master in Health Economics


Main ongoing projects

• Variations in Medical Practice in the Spanish National Health System


• ECHO project, Unwarranted Variations in Systems Performance in Europe


• Health Systems and Policy Monitor - European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies


• REDISECC – Spanish Network for Health Services Research in Chronic Care


• CHRODIS JA – Joint Action on Chronic Diseases



Other current merits

• Editor-in-Chief Atlas of Variations in Medical Practice in the National Health System


• Associate Editor BMC Health Services Research



Selected publications

Bernal-Delgado E, Ridao-Lopez M, Garcia-Armesto S (in press).Medical Practice Variations in Elective Surgery. In: Sobolev B (Series ed), Johnson A, Stukel T (eds). Health Services Research Series.Medical Practice Variations. Springer, New York.


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Thygesen LC, Baixauli-Pérez C, Librero-López J, Martínez-Lizaga N, Ridao-López M, Bernal-Delgado E; ECHO Consortium. Comparing variation across European countries: building geographical areas to provide sounder estimates. Eur J Public Health.2015 Feb;25 Suppl 1:8-14.


Cookson R, Gutacker N, Garcia-Armesto S, Angulo-Pueyo E, Christiansen T, Bloor K, Bernal-Delgado E. Socioeconomic inequality in hip replacement in four European countries from 2002 to 2009-area-level analysis of hospital data. Eur J Public Health. 2015 Feb;25Suppl 1:21-7.


Gutacker N, Bloor K, Cookson R, Garcia-Armesto S, Bernal-Delgado E. Comparing hospital performance within and across countries: an illustrative study of coronary artery bypass graft surgery in England and Spain. Eur J Public Health. 2015 Feb;25 Suppl 1:28-34


Thygesen LC, Christiansen T, Garcia-Armesto S, Angulo-Pueyo E, Martínez-Lizaga N, Bernal-Delgado E; ECHO Consortium. Potentially avoidable hospitalizations in five European countries in 2009 and time trends from 2002 to 2009 based on administrative data. Eur J Public Health. 2015 Feb;25 Suppl 1:35-43


García-Armesto S, Angulo-Pueyo E, Martínez-Lizaga N, Mateus C, Joaquim I, Bernal-Delgado E; ECHO Consortium. Potential of geographical variation analysis for realigning providers to value-based care. ECHO case study on lower-value indications of C-section in five European countries.Eur J Public Health.2015 Feb;25 Suppl 1:44-51.


Ibañez-Beroiz B, Librero L, Bernal-Delgado E, García-Armesto S, Villanueva-Ferragud S, Peiró S. Joint spatial modelling to identify shared patterns among chronic related potentially preventable hospitalizations BMC Medical Research Methodology 2014, 14:74.


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Librero J, Peiró S, Leutscher E, Merlo J, Bernal-Delgado E, Ridao M, Martínez N Sanfélix-Gimeno G Timing of surgery for hip fracture and in-hospital mortality. A retrospective population-based cohort study in the Spanish National Health System.BMC Health Services Research 2012; 12:15


Ibañez B, Librero J, Peiró S, Bernal-Delgado E. Shared component modelling as an alternative to assess geographical variations in medical practice: gender inequalities in hospital admissions for chronic diseases. BMC Methods in Medical Research 2011; 11:172.


Ridao-López M, García-Armesto S, Abadía-Taira MB, Peiró-Moreno S, Bernal-Delgado EIncome Level and Regional Policies, Underlying Factors Associated With Unwarranted Variations in Conservative Breast Cancer Surgery in Spain. BMC Cancer 2011, 11:145.


Bernal-Delgado E, Martos C, Martinez N, Chirlaque MD, Márquez M, Navarro C et al. Is hospital discharge administrative data an appropriate source of information for cancer registries purposes? Some insights from four Spanish Registries.BMC Health Serv Res. 2010; 10:9.


Ibáñez B, Librero J, Bernal-Delgado E, Peiró S, López-Valcarcel BG, Martínez N, Aizpuru F.Is there much variation in variation? Revisiting statistics of small area variation in health services research.BMC Health Serv Res. 2009; 9:60.



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